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Oui oui croissant baguette eiffel towel

Just a note before we get into the good stuff --- if you happen to see cursive font on the sidebars, the page isn't loading correctly :( And as for this post, if van's comments are not in comic sans, then I'd say it's a 99.8% chance you're on an iDevice. Just pretend boring ol' Times New Roman is the dreadful comic sans :P


Hello again, y’all. I guess van and I are back to make another Google Docs article so if you hate these types of things, ignore this post LEL but don’t stop following our blog k thanks
hey look, it’s eri’s “who knows what” font again
do we even have followers
Excuse me, van. Courier is a very credible font. Noob.
hey, I just noticed you didn’t capitalize my name :’D. I dislike you a bit less.
Wow we’ve been best friends for how long now and you still dislike me?

A Guide to Graal --- From Both a Pro and a Nub’s Perspective:

//sidenote: Obviously the pro is me and the nub is van because I am a greaaaaat pker and an even better sparrer because, I mean, who wouldn’t want negative spar?!
but i’m not a nub ): crie/


So first things first, when you first begin Graal, look for a player named ‘derek!’. Upon clicking her profile, there will be an ‘honor’ button at the bottom of the profile. Click on it to begin your journey. You’re done! You are now a pro at GraalClassic! GJ GZ KTHXBYE
That was not what I had in mind but okay, that works too.
Wait. There are still honor points? I seriously didn’t know that.
van has not typed anything in the last ten minutes so I shall venture onward by myself.


1) There are “chat codes” that you input into the chatbox that allow your player to do a variety of things. There’s a secret code that most people don’t know about; it allows you to do a barrel roll, but it only works in towers. Go ahead and try it out. The command is :barrelroll.

2) Advertise for a girlfriend or boyfriend in Graal City and marry them in the church. It automatically gives you an extra 10 eggnogs (which can replenish health) and boosts your AP up. If you marry in the Sky Church (or whatever it’s called) southwest of the Graal City Bridge, then you can boost your AP by up to 50 points (depending on your partner’s AP)!

2.69) AP is very valuable, and the more AP you have, the more others will admire and worship you. Those scrubs who have 0 AP (like Sir Flamingo of Best 2000 Gralats Spent) are looked down upon. Peasants. And as everyone knows, AP stands for Advanced Placement in Graal.
AP exams are held in Septembruary.

3) If someone happens to kill you out in Swamp or wherever, send them a PM (preferably saying something along the lines of “You noob muthaf********************************************”) before blocking them. They aren’t worth your time. It gives you an extra 20 AP as well, since you’re helping the admins block out the annoying troublemakers.
But I am worth your time.
How about no.
Don’t listen to her.
Just do it.
Please don’t sue me, Nike.
Not the Greek goddess.

4) If you want to try your hand at pking, get on your horse. Whenever someone tries to chase you down, run into trees or walls, and once the other player slashes at you, you’ll be able to enter a secret tree world where s/he can’t enter. Seriously, it works every time.

5) When towering, slashing at the bottom edge of the flag allows you to take away double the health. Alternatively, if you are defending, it allows you to replenish the health at twice the speed of if you were to slash on the sides/top. Increase the health at thrice the speed if you slash with your ally tag on while defending.

6) Don’t be afraid to ask for donations. It makes you seem very outgoing, and people will be more than willing to be your friend. If you ask me, I’ll have to hump you first. Do I look like I care if you’re female or male?

7) If you incessantly talk to admins, they’ll definitely want to be your friend. (: Let them know how friendly you are! Asking for hats makes them really happy, too. ^^ Be sure to spam them about events. Admins seriously love the attention from Graalians.
By the way, I vouch for the spamming statement. This is coming from an ex-admin lel yeah they’re probably never going to hire me again once they see this blog post ...uh... because this stuff is valuable advice that isn’t really supposed to be public knowledge.

8) Spam Jesusbacon. Tell him he’s too white for Graal and splash some tea on his “buttocks” (is that a Brit term?). Don’t paint an image in the readers’ heads, s’il te plait. Brits ain’t that great, save for their accents. Besides, isn’t it s’il vous plait? Pls get ur french strait l0L
Dude that “lol” makes me feel uncomfortable.

8.96 ) French lesson. S’il vous plait is used formally. S’il te plait is used informally. Oh, and there’s an accent on top of the ‘i’ in ‘plait’. kthxbye.
Close enough yo
I speak the language of the French.
Oui oui croissant baguette eiffel towel go away van stop changing tower to towel; clearly you don’t speak French.
I speak Vietnamese too, guys. pho pho pho pho pho pho pho phop hohhphohohp
And I quote, “pho. phophophopho!” - Nguyen 2016
“Bloody hell, mate” - Jesusbacon 2014
“I like my tea without sugar” - Jesusbacon 3014
“I’m going to go out and have some tea with three other lads” - Jesusbacon 4014
“Top of the morning to you” - Jesusbacon 5014
“I want Eri’s bacon strips.” - Jacon 2069
Dang 10% laptop battery life left.
There’s this new invention called the charger. Very modern and cutting-edge technology.
I’m too lazy to get up :c Wow this is a really cute smiley face.
I must disagree. :c c: :u :o :P :D c; ;c  Look at these.
Excuse me get your comic sans butt out of here please.
:) :( :D ;) ;D :P :o :c c: :o
Ew. Look at that “What the hell is htat” font.
Htat lol sure very credible

9) When towering, if you use your bug net on the flag, it allows you to capture someone from an enemy guild (whether you are defending or attacking). They’ll be unable to slash for a full ten seconds. It’s really helpful when the flag’s below 50.

9.6) You may be wondering, “w0t is a bug net?????”. It’s a net for capturing enemies. DUh. You get to keep mini replicas of them in a jar and release them to buzz around in your house/guild house. They’re very enjoyable and may be sold to the witch for a teal gralat. By the way, the witch can only be found in that tree world we mentioned earlier in #4. Remember, it’s a teal colored tree. Not green. Not red. Teal.

9.61) It’s called a bug net because enemy guilds on Graal are called bugs. In case you didn’t know that.

10) van says hi
Thanks a lot for stealing my #10. I’ll give you 10.5.

11) There’s a secret entrance to free rainbow gralats in Graal City too. Pay up your honor points and I’ll specify. :)

12) what else is hella pro? me.

13) Damn it, I always get the unlucky number. Anyway, remember to
Remember to what? I forgot what to remember. Is it Friday?

Aight let’s stop here.
Be sure to follow these tips yo they’re extremely helpful
Take our word for it.

wait why is there so much empty space above this LOL k hi guise

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dwowism (Dwaowism) Part I

Dwowism (Dwaowism) (I) -
When you come  face to face with a shrub*, be sure to avoid eye contact and call on the deity, d(erek) to aid you. If your calling is ignored, you are most likely a shrub. 
The series of offerings and rituals made during the calling on the d(erek) will take approximately 45 minutes. More information is posted on the site  

*shrub (n.) - An utterly disgusting and useless person/thing/place. Used in insults, and usually renders the other speechless. 
Shrubs come in many species, one of the most horrific ones being Shruberts. 

wow eri, back from a hiatus just to go into another hiatus

Hey guys.


This isn't really going to be that funny or interesting as a post; I'm just procrastinating because I really, really, really don't want to do calc summer homework. And on top of that, I have 15 articles to read and 15 book reports to write for Chinese, which isn't even an AP (and therefore, shouldn't have summer homework at all). WHOOOOOO THANKS A LOT, HIGH SCHOOL!

Anyway. Derek/Van and I are finally back on Graal, which is great --- I'd really missed all of the friends that I'd made in the past four (boy, are we getting old) years. I guess it's good that we started playing again during the summer, because I find that I tend to log on and spend hours on it without paying attention to anything else in life, so maybe my grades would've slipped if I started playing in, say, March.

So thanks, summer.

Still not forgiving you for the summer homework, but oh well.

I've learned one thing after the past two hours of math: I cannot do small math. Seriously. I write small on homework for other subjects and all, but for some reason, when I do math, I can't suppress the urge to write really large(ly?), which is really annoying because we have to use white printer paper for homework, and I really don't feel like wasting any more than I really have to.


How's life treating you guys? Do you guys (rhetorical guys because nobody ever reads the posts on this blog anyway) have any plans?

I guess I'll talk about my plans. Well, my family and I are FINALLY going back to Taiwan for vacation, after a long four year period of time. YAAYAYYAy super excited about that because who doesn't love Taiwanese food?! Or food in general?! And I guess I've got a lot of golf planned because I made the summer team for this program I'm in, and we get to compete all over the county (and then some).

My friends and I have also vowed to condition, or at least stay (somewhat) active throughout the summer in preparation of another year of PE. Watch as we just stop trying after a week or so --- I mean, we're totally going to do this, guys!

Finals weren't too bad, but they kind of 'screwed me over' in the sense that I didn't exactly get the grades I thought I would --- but they're still good grades. #sadlyfe no way I'm trying for a #1 spot in high school okay bye

I don't really know what else to say at this point.

Hopefully Van and I will make more of those dwowism-style posts over the summer.

K. Bye. See you after another long hiatus (wow eri, back from a hiatus just to go into another hiatus),
Eri 6/3/14

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Obviously I am trustworthy, because I am a reputable dwowism believer

Just a note before we get into the good stuff --- if you happen to see cursive font on the sidebars, the page isn't loading correctly :( And as for this post, if van's comments are not in comic sans, then I'd say it's a 99.8% chance you're on an iDevice. Just pretend boring ol' Times New Roman is the dreadful comic sans :P


SUP HOMIES!!!!!!!!!!!
it’s finals and Van and I have decided to make a blog post together using Google Docs
About dwowism
Yeah, what she said.
In case you didn’t know, this is eriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Eri has terrible taste in font, as you can see.
This is obviously derek or van or whatever my name is here
Yeah idk either
I mean, who in the right mind wouldn’t like Comic Sans MS.
Obviously van has impeccable taste. I mean, Comic Sans is da best
You guys should go to
Eri is just jealous
No I’m not

Pronunciation: dee-waaaaow-iz-um
Etymology: Derek’s epicness
(It’s a belief, as you can see by the -ism)
(Which makes everything all formal)
1. The wow of the d(erek)
2. The way of iRIS graalians (heyyyy shoutout to everyone except jesusbacon)
3. The way of the wow you did not just do that “d(erek)”
4. Excuse me, I didn’t want to spread your d-phase
4.5. oh i’m 5 wow eri took my 4
the real 4. The way of the contraceptive eri when she is pregnant
6. Van, you’re #5 GET IT RIGHT
7. wait what wow thanks a lot you did not just do that “the way of the contraceptive eri when she is pregnant”
9. The way of the Comic Sans. Eric understands.
10. eW GO AWAY DEREK (even if you founded dwowism)
11. which eric lel
11.5. eric is clurr’s bro
11.96. I founded dwowism???????
11.961. Technically I did but you can be the idol
13. If you inhale and exhale, you’re a shrub. Like Patrick.
14. sup plunder

Are these still definitions
I feel like these are the lessons

-get your full experience for only 999.99 US Dollars *17 payments are required*
-i can’t see those words
-make the font bigger
-you shrub
-I think that’s kind of the point van
-we want consumers to know what they’re getting AMIRITE
    -trial can be purchased for 59.99 US Dollars (discounted for a limited time! Original Price: 60 US Dollars)
Much cheap
very discount
i like that better. dwaaaaaaaaaaaaowism
our symbol is the dwoge
Is that like a deadwood doge (hahahaahhah up top guise)
what were we doing again
What was the topic we were discussing about again?//
The guy next to me in computer science (let’s call him A) is talking about he wears two pairs of shorts because “it” won’t be that noticable
-He is not a dwaowism follower
-Clearly he doesn’t understand the way of the d(erek)
A: “It’s like 100 degrees celcius”
B: “lel no”
A: “I was being exaggerative. You wouldn’t understand, yours is just a nanometer long”
B: “During my physical the doctor grabbed my balls”
brb m8s   
I shall continue quoting them
Wow I’ve been loading graal for 40 minutes on my phone and it still hasn’t been able to connect. scrub wifi
eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy(y) if you find the a, you can make a wish
wish won’t come true unless you forward this to 69 people in 60 seconds
if you don’t forward this to 69 people, a shrub will enter your house at exactly 1:44 AM and kill you in the most painful way possible.
Wow I can’t find it van

log [base (eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy(y) if you find the a, you can make a wish
wish wont come true unless you forward this to 69 people in 60 seconds)] (69 * (log base (eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy(y) if you find the a, you can make a wish
wish wont come true unless you forward this to 69 people in 60 seconds) )
No death by shrub for me
this fwd is  a scam. eri just wants your gralats
excuse me
I am a reputable dwowism believer
Would you guys trust me, a COmic Sans MS user, or Eri, some random a** font user????
I’m sure you guys would rather trust me
Obviously I am trustworthy
because I am a reputable dwowism believer

Go away, van
Eri is just jealous
I am not jealous
You’re just showing the bad side of Comic Sans
Dude there’s a subreddit called “Comic Sans” where everything is in Comic Sans
>:U my face is actually not as cute as yours so fine you win this one
exactly. comic sans FTW #ComicSansTakeOver2014
but first, let me take a #ILL INCLUDE A LINKkeepitcleanpl0x-eri
That;s the wrong link click here not here the better blue one  
They’re both blue
But it’s the right link, it links to the google search first before linking to the video
But you guys should click mine because I’m a reputable dwaaaowism believer

Why’d i get two font colors

w0w such threat
much scared
very fear
I believe in the dwaow
van seriously i want to post this before the period ends okay time to edit stuff on blogger
can you not with the rainbow colors, it just makes comic sans worse LOL
Do you guys see this shrub? smh
Excuse me I have to go change my font and stuff and make sure colored font is colored and bolded font is bolded and yeah
That takes time
Let’s just stop here
This post is getting kinda long and I need to edit it all LOL
Yo van say goodbye
Wait i need to post a link
Okay do it now
i lost it can’t find it
just google search #selfie
did it for ya
you’re welcome
k bye guise
hmu guys

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I swear I saw April 31st

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo guys

I told you all that there would be a really long hiatus LOL but thanx guise for 5k; I just saw the eaten souls counter.

I'm not even bothering to correct myself anymore omg "eaten souls counter" gg van

Don't really know what to write about, so this is just going to be an update on my fairly boring life.

Anyway, just came back from spring break. I'm tired every day and it's not really helping that my Chinese teacher has decided to put on videos until finals (and our final is going to be on the videos, which none of us understand because there aren't any English subtitles and its intended audience is like old Chinese native peoplezzzzz pls guys help me), so the whole class is just sleeping or playing on our phones.

I learned that when a new Chinese emperor was being coronated, he'd sit on his awesome dragon chair throne in his huge office building thing on the third floor while 10,000 people do this bow kneel bow stand up repeat for five hours kind of thing in the huge plaza in front of the building. But dude. They can't see the emperor and the emperor can't see them and it's just like, excuse me, what are you guys doing with your lives?

And there's this holy dragon chair that only the emperor can sit on. You'd expect a really fancy chair to be nice and comfortable but there are dragon snouts and spikes and teeth embedded in the backside of the chair, so if he's tired he'll lean back and a dragon snout will stab him through his back to the front of his chest or something. I would probably resign if that meant getting better chairs to sit in.

Oh. One of the videos talked about the wooden poles that make up the emperor's office building thing. The teacher decided to point to the door and illustrate how the wooden poles and beams are used in a doorway, and pointed out that one of our classmates had the same Chinese character in his name, so he basically called my classmate a door.

In other news, I was invited to do this article writing thing for a website I won't include the link to (because if Wordpress is anything like Blogger, they can link the directing URLs used and find this little site), but I really don't feel like it's something for me because 1) It has weekly deadlines, and I'm sure you all know how much I disregard deadlines, and 2) Although it may not seem like it, I can write formally. Usually I'm just all CAPS LOCK ALALDFOASFKOWO LELELELLELELELEE IN YOUR FACE kind of writing, but believe me when I say I can write with an article-y tone (and I don't use not-word words like article-y in them). Plus, it makes me kind of uncomfortable because other people might tell me that I don't write in the style that's appropriate for the website or whatever. I like blogs because I have the freedom to say whatever I want, however I want. SO thanks guise for giving me the inspiration to keep writing and coming back from usually permanent hiatuses YAY

^ Not cheesy at all LELELLElelelel but seriously thanxxxxxx guise

BY THE WAY YOU GUISE SHOULD DOWNLOAD AN APP CALLED ALPACA EVOLUTION. It is the absolute best. Thanks to van for introducing it to me. Warning: if you're squeamish about mutated alpacas with multiple heads that absorb other alpacas to mutate even further, this app may not be for you. DUDE ALPACA EVOLUTION OKAY IT IS BOSS IT IS OP but if you're like van and me (aka very weird), then try it out :D Here's a preview:

We're doing rock wall right now in PE and my arms are dying every day. It's a horizontal wall, and there are different colored rocks representing different levels. Every single time I get stuck behind some really slow person and I really want to just climb over them or something, but I can't, so I'm stuck clinging onto the wall. And because our teacher thinks cutting people by jumping off and getting back on the wall in front of them is rude, I can't do that. #sorearms

Oh, and I got accepted into this golf leadership academy thing (which is really cool!), except that I thought that they'd tell us whether or not we got in on April 31st (I swear I saw April 31st on the Word document they sent out as the date they'd reveal the results), but when my mom asked me when I'd reveal the results, I said April 31st, and she just looked at me weirdly, and I feel really bad because there isn't an April 31st BUT IT DIDN'T SEEM STRANGE TO ME AT ALL and (wow epic run on sentence BUT SERIOUSLY I DIDN'T THINK APRIL 31ST WAS STRANGE AT ALL) when I had to organize volunteer training with a summer camp I volunteer at, I told the coordinator the results would come out on April 31st, and she probably thinks I have problems :(

But then again, I think Alpaca Evolution is really interesting, so maybe I do have a lot of problems.

Oh well

Okay I'm done and I should start homework now but I don't feel like it so bye

-ERii (heyyyyyy van how's despaiir) 4/31/14 lelelellel look at that date

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How to turn Screen1 into another screen and vice versa in App Inventor 1 for dummies (also can be used for renaming screens)

If you are someone who actually needs to read this tutorial, skip the beginning. If you just like reading boring blog posts, knock yourself out and read whatever you want.

Wow. Just spent the last few minutes trying to figure how to sign in to blogger. You have to hover over the top to see the sign in bar. Lovely. Anyways, this post is going to be about app inventor. A how-to. Because I wasted two hours of my life trying to figure this out. Yes, my first blog post in a really long time is going to be about this. I have a whole list of interesting things to discuss and I chose a boring tutorial. Oh well. Oh and lots of these things came from the Google group about app inventor. It was kind of complicated, so that's why I'm making this tutorial

This tutorial is meant for mostly beginners at app inventor, but here are some things that this tutorial expects you to be able to do:

  • save projects
  • save projects as...
  • open the blocks editor
  • make a multi-screen app
  • upload and download projects
  • copy, cut, and paste
  • find and save files on your desktop or whatever library
  • extract files from zip folders
  • rename files
And that should be about it. I know it was kind of useless to read this, but if you were already pro at app inventor, you wouldn't even need this tutorial. So if you can't do those Learn.

Pretty much the only reason you would use this tutorial is if you put your game screen as screen1 instead of the menu screen. Other reasons would be if you really don't like your screen name or if you want to...actually idk. I think you can also apply this tutorial if you want to copy screens but I'm not sure. 

Okay, step 1:
Make a copy of your project. This is so just in case things go terribly wrong, you still have the original.

Step 2:
Download the copy of the project and save it wherever you want on your computer. It will be saved as a zip file.

Step 3:
Extract all files from the zip file. 

Step 4:
Open the new extracted folder. Click the src folder and keep opening folders until you get to the one with the names of your screens. There will be a blk file and a scm file of each screen.

Step 5:
Open one of the blk or scm files. When I tried this, it said windows could not identify what program to open the file with. If this happens, choose "select a program" and then notepad. Notepad should come with windows computers. 

Step 6:
Ctrl+h to find and replace. Find the name of the old screen, and replace it with the desired screen name. For example, replace MenuScreen with Screen1 or replace Screen1 with GameScreen. Do this for both the blk and scm files.

Step 7:
Rename the blk and scm files to the new screen name. Do this for each screen.

Step 8:
Go back to the folder that showed three folders (assets, src, and youngandroidproject). Select all 3 of them. (Select the first one, hold shift, then select the last one). Right click on one of the three folders. Click "Send to" then "compressed (zipped) folder". Rename the new zipped folder to something new using only letters, numbers, and underscores.

Step 9:
Cut the new zipped folder, and paste it somewhere easy to find in your computer.

Step 10:
Upload the new zipped folder to app inventor.

Step 11:
Open the blocks editor to see if everything is good. Usually, the place where you open another screen will have the wrong screen name there. Fix it.

And that's it! Yay!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Yo yo sup sup

We finally finished Romeo and Juliet in my English class, and I honestly do not see why people classify this as such a daring and romantic love story that tells of the perils of "young love" through Shakespeare's "insights into life, death, and the human condition", according to the back of my R&J book. Ooohhhhkay then.

And it's not really that "always poignantly beautiful" the book claims the plot line to be. Basically, a 17 year old is like, "Ohohohohoh I love Rosaline," and then "Ohohohohoh look at Juliet's butt and boobs [sorry guys, admit it :P] I AM NOW IN LOVE WITH HER EHHEHEHEHHHHH." Not that Juliet's the innocent one in this whole thing, because she seems to kind of act upon the sexual references located secretly within the whole play. She's thirteen. She has no business thinking about the thing. Seriously.

Okay, so maybe I liked a guy or something when I was 13, but I didn't think about marriage or anything of that sort because it's just plain crazy and insane and wow ew commitment. And maybe right now I think Ian Somerhalder is reallllyyy reaaaaally hot, and while I'm insane, I'm not that insane.

And then because Tybalt, Juliet's cousin, couldn't stop the urge to punch Romeo's nose off his face, it resulted in this bloody fight and these "OHOHOHOO YOU SUCK" kind of trash talk lines where Tybalt kills Mercutio, Romeo's equally-as-stupid friend, and Romeo kills Tybalt (even though he actually didn't want to, since Tybalt was his cousin, but whatevs). And you know what's even better? The only reason why Mercutio died was because Romeo was trying to stop their fighting, so he held Mercutio under his arm --- and Tybalt just so happened to stab him at that moment. And then he's like "wtf why is Merky dead" after Tybalt runs away, so he just has to run after Tybalt and kill him. What happened to all his peace talk anyway?

So Romeo gets kicked out of the city but ends up still being an epic pedophile and doing le thing with Juliet before running away. And then Lord Capulet's like "YO JULIET YA BETTER MARRY PARIS OR ELSE I WILL KILL YOU" (what kind of a father is that), despite telling Paris that Juliet was "too young to marry" approximately 5 minutes ago.

So Juliet's like "I AM GOING TO KILL MYSELF HELP ME FRIAR LAURENCE" (the guy who married Romeo and Juliet), and he comes with a brilliant idea to give a potion to Juliet that would make her appear dead for 42 hours without telling Romeo in time and *boom* that's why Romeo thought Juliet was dead and stabbed himself, and then Juliet thought Romeo as dead and killed herself too.


And then it's because of the deaths that the families get all hunky-dory, which I find hilarious, because if my family had some arch-rivalry with, like, my neighbors, and I wanted to be with my neighbor's son but they wouldn't let me, so we killed each other, then I'd expect the two families to argue even more.

But okay Shakespeare, whatever floats your boat... Or sinks the "happy dagger" into Juliet's chest.

I really don't know who's more idiotic in this story. So let me introduce the awesome sauce ROMEO AND JULIET HOW STUPID THESE CHARACTERS ARE BECAUSE THEY HAVE APPARENT STUPIDITY BECAUSE ROMEO COULDN'T KEEP IT IN HIS PANTS:

Out of a scale of 1 to 10 (//sidenote: on a scale of 1 to Tait Spencer, how much do you like tractors? ;) YEEE CHRISTMAS SHOUTOUT TO YOU YESYESYES), how stupid are these characters:

Romeo --- He couldn't keep it in his pants so that automatically makes him the really big idiot in this whole story.

Juliet --- She's okay. Not saying that she wasn't stupid, because she was, but she was relatively less stupid than Romeo because she kind of thought it might be a bad idea in the beginning. Ish. For about a second.

Mercutio: wtf

Friar Laurence: what kind of an adult are you

Lord Capulet: Do you know how old Juliet is? Why are you trying to marry her to some 30 year old pedophile who says he loves Juliet? Drunk guy who doesn't really notice anything going on at his party, like maybe ROMEO DANCING WITH HIS DAUGHTER or, I don't know, ROMEO KISSING HIS DAUGHTER, or, I don't know, maybe ROMEO LOCKING HIMSELF IN A ROOM WITH HIS DAUGHTER

Benvolio: Okay, relatively sane.

Nurse: Nopenopenope you don't help much. Seriously, your comments really don't help alleviate any situation. And what's with the whole trying-to-appear-as-rich-and-high-class-by-ordering-Peter-around-but-seeming-really-cheap-because-you-act-all-fancy-but-dress-like-a-Queen-Mab

Prince: Lol

Montague: iDK HE doesn't really talk too much

Peter: spineless wussy

Paris: You're like 17 years older than Juliet BACK OFF OKAY

On a Romeo and Juliet - free note, Kri and I celebrated our birthdays the other day, and Van was kind enough to host a collab for us :D Check out the gr1993049029 video right here:

Okei bye