Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Yo yo sup sup

We finally finished Romeo and Juliet in my English class, and I honestly do not see why people classify this as such a daring and romantic love story that tells of the perils of "young love" through Shakespeare's "insights into life, death, and the human condition", according to the back of my R&J book. Ooohhhhkay then.

And it's not really that "always poignantly beautiful" the book claims the plot line to be. Basically, a 17 year old is like ohohohohoh I love Rosaline, and then ohohohohoh look at Juliet's butt and boobs (sorry guys, admit it :P) I AM NOW IN LOVE WITH HER EHHEHEHEHHHHH. Not that Juliet's the innocent one in this whole thing because she seems to kind of act upon the sexual references located secretly within the whole play. She's thirteen. She has no business thinking about the thing. Seriously.

Okay, so maybe I liked a guy or something when I was 13 but I didn't think about marriage or anything of that sort because it's just plain crazy and insane and wow ew. And maybe right now I think Ian Somerhalder is reallllyyy reaaaaally hot but I'm not THAT insane.

And then because Tybalt, Juliet's cousin, couldn't stop the urge to punch Romeo's nose off his face, it resulted in this bloody fight and these OHOHOHOO YOU SUCK kind of trash talk lines where Tybalt kills Mercutio, Romeo's equally as stupid friend, and Romeo kills Tybalt (even though he actually didn't want to, since Tybalt was his cousin, but whatevs). And you know what's even better? The only reason why Mercutio died was because Romeo was trying to stop their fighting so he held Mercutio under his arm, and Tybalt stabbed him this way. ANd then he's like "wtf why is Merky dead" after Tybalt runs away so he just has to run after Tybalt and kill him. What happened to all his peace talk anyway?

So Romeo gets kicked out of the city but ends up still being an epic pedophile and doing le thing with Juliet before running away. And then Lord Capulet's like YO JULIET YA BETTER MARRY PARIS OR ELSE I WILL KILL YOU (what kind of a father is that) despite telling Paris that Juliet was "too young to marry" approximately 5 minutes ago.

So Juliet's like I AM GOING TO KILL MYSELF HELP ME FRIAR LAURENCE (the guy who married Romeo and Juliet) and he comes with a brilliant idea to give a potion to Juliet that would make her appear dead for 42 hours WITHOUT TELLING ROMEO IN TIME and boom that's why Romeo thought Juliet was dead and stabbed himself, and then Juliet thought Romeo as dead and killed herself too.


And then it's because of the deaths that the families get all hunky-dory, which I find hilarious because if my family had some arch-rivalry with, like, my neighbors, and I wanted to be with my neighbor's son but they wouldn't let me, so we killed each other, then I'd expect the two families to argue even more.

But okay Shakespeare, whatever floats your boat... Or sinks the happy dagger into Juliet's chest.

I really don't know who's more idiotic in this story. So let me introduce the awesome sauce ROMEO AND JULIET HOW STUPID THESE CHARACTERS ARE BECAUSE THEY HAVE APPARENT STUPIDITY BECAUSE ROMEO COULDN'T KEEP IT IN HIS PANTS:

Out of a scale of 1 to 10 (//sidenote: on a scale of 1 to Tait Spencer, how much do you like tractors? ;) YEEE CHRISTMAS SHOUTOUT TO YOU YESYESYES):

Romeo --- He couldn't keep it in his pants so that automatically makes him the really big idiot in this whole story.

Juliet --- She's okay. Not saying that she wasn't stupid, because she was, but she was relatively less stupid than Romeo because she kind of thought it might be a bad idea in the beginning. Ish. For about a second.
Mercutio: wtf

Friar Laurence: what kind of an adult are you

Lord Capulet: Do you know how old Juliet is? Why are you trying to marry her to some 30 year old pedophile who says he loves Juliet? Drunk guy who doesn't really notice anything going on at his party, like maybe ROMEO DANCING WITH HIS DAUGHTER or, I don't know, ROMEO KISSING HIS DAUGHTER, or, I don't know, maybe ROMEO LOCKING HIMSELF IN A ROOM WITH HIS DAUGHTER

Benvolio: Okay, relatively sane.

Nurse: Nopenopenope you don't help much. Seriously, your comments really don't help alleviate any situation. And what's with the whole trying-to-appear-as-rich-and-high-class-by-ordering-Peter-around-but-seeming-really-cheap-because-you-act-all-fancy-but-dress-like-a-Queen-Mab

Prince: Lol

Montague: iDK HE doesn't really talk too much

Peter: spineless wussy

Paris: You're like 17 years older than Juliet BACK OFF OKAY

On a Romeo and Juliet - free note, Kri and I celebrated our birthdays the other day, and Van was kind enough to host a collab for us :D Check out the gr1993049029 video right here:

Okei bye


Saturday, April 12, 2014

rhombic pizza slices

eyyy van here
i see eri has added a bunch of new tabs
er, i kind of hate sharing my favorite music
since they're not that popular
and i only want me to know that song
yeah, im selfish
yeah. ill see if i can find share-able music.:D
H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y ,  K R I ! ! ! !
I guess I have to tell a meaningful life story now.
Yesterday afternoon, I was working on a cultural project at another friend's house, who lives over a half an hour from my area. We procrastinated for the first few hours, playing around and ordering pizza. We tried to have our pizza cut into congruent rhombuses, but Pizza Hut had other ideas. Triangles. Friken' mainstream, them triangular pizzas.
Also, there was a 14-month old baby named Kevin whom I played with. Played as in threw him up in the air and then catching him, almost killing him but not killing him and everyone was like damn, van youre strong when im not and little Kevin was laughing like a maniac thinking that i wont drop him when i could if i pulled a lam. :D
Ran out of breath there with that run-on sentence.
Let's end this post with a quote.
"Your back feels good."
"Yours too."
-van is the man 4/12
i just searched for the adjectival form for rhombus
and apparently
there's this thing called rhomboid
that's like a rhombus but isn't a rhombus


This is gonna be short but



Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What do you call people that make bad detective jokes? Sherlock Forever-Alones!

Hallooooo ni hao kai lan it's like 9:whatever AM where I live but because we don't have to go to school until like 11:30, here I am

Not much to talk about so I'm just going to start talking about random things, and hopefully something good will come up.


Let's start le list of awesomeness

1) We finally watched the final act of the old Romeo and Juliet movie (not the Leonardo di Caprio version, sadly (heyyyyy, who was the girl anyway? We always say 'the Leo diCaprio version'), but rather, the old one where they have the pants with different colored legs and tassels near the *cough* parts) and let's just say that it's even worse than the already crap-filled play.

//drinks random poison
//Juliet wakes up
//fake sobs dude like uhuuuuuuhhwwwhhhh not even real crying, more like half hiccupping half choking
Friar Laurence: Lel it okei
//proceeds to shove the dagger through her clothes and into her chests but she can't get it to pierce her skin so she stabs herself like four times (each time accompanied with an overexaggerated groan) and dude the dagger is off screen it's so fake
//dude this 1968 film won Academy Awards and Golden Globes and I'm just like wtf why

OHHHH and in case you wanted to know, there was something called "Queen Mab" in one of Mercutio's long speeches, and in our textbook they say that we "don't need to focus too much on the meaning, just look at the beautiful language" and I learned from Sparksnotes that Queen means "pleasure-seeker" you know what I mean *cough* and Mab is a common name for such a "pleasure seeker" LOL GG TEXTBOOKKK. And apparently Juliet's nurse says that when Juliet grows older, she'll be smart enough to "fall on her back" (and do the thing) LOL THANK YOU SO MUCH SHAKESPEARE YOU PROVIDE MUCH ENTERTAINMENT although you're slightly deluded and disturbing. Did you know that he makes so many sexual and drug-related references?

And dude Romeo and Juliet are willing to make out with dead corpses.

2)I know this is kind of old for my friends in real life BUT we came up with an awesome set of jokes a few months ago. Are ya ready?

Q: What do you call a detective with only a skeleton?
A: Sherlock Bones!

And then we proceeded to add more jokes

What do you call an exasperated detective? (Or if you'd like, a Juliet-when-she's-older)
Sherlock Moans!

What do you call a detective undergoing binary fission / asexual reproduction?
Sherlock Clones!

What do you call a detective with an overload of perfume-y stuff?
Sherlock Colognes!

What do you call a detective on drugs (like Romeo LOL)?
Sherlock Stones!

What do you call a detective that regularly goes to the gym to work out?
Sherlock Tones!

What do you call a detective that lends money to his friends?
Sherlock Loans!

What do you call a glowing detective with bad grammar?
Sherlock Shones! (get it? Shone but with an s? LOL sorry)

What do you call a detective that's too OP?

What do you call a detective from Lilo and Stitch?
Sherlock Ya-Mons

What do you call a nomadic detective?
Sherlock Roams!

Last one, I promise.
What do you call people that make bad detective jokes?
Sherlock Forever-Alones!
Like me!

3) The best, most epic burrito you could ever get for school lunch was the one Van had for lunch yesterday: El Extremo! Sounds like they just added o's and el's just to make it sound authentic. gg

4) In Chinese, our table groups had to make posters of different authentic Chinese dishes, and ours was this tofu dish (ma po dou fu). My friend's had some like pork chop thing (fen zheng pai gu) but when some guy at his table had to say the name of their dish HE SAID OUR DISH NAME LOLOL AND HIS GROUP WAS JUST LIKE "YO YOU HAD ONE JOB"

It' s okay though, stuff like this always happens in our Chinese class :D Like the other day, instead of saying "dancer" in Mandarin, I accidentally said "dancing... person" and I'm just like *facepalm* 11 years of Chinese school thanks a lot

Mom: Sweetie, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Me: Um.... A dancing... person!

Actually, never mind. I meant it as a ballerina or something, NOT THAT OKAY STOPPPPP

-eRi oooh I like this signature too

Monday, April 7, 2014

my long longs accomplice [and also le] "noodle noodle" or "meat meat" or like "blanket blanket" [accomplice] [wow fail brackets but I can't just type words because they're not actually part of the article okay I'm just going to stop typing now]

Heyo guys

Lots has happened in the past few days, such as a robotics competition and a Chinese dictionary competition. Let's start it off with robotics then.

FInally finally finally after months of working on a robot (well, they did, I just ended up cleaning the room because they told me to) we got to compete, except that it didn't work or the driver wasn't experienced so whatever we didn't do that well. But hey, at least it moved.

Basically, we're part of FIRST, or some acronym I'd rather not type out at the moment. Every year, they have some sort of game or theme that comes out, and you need to design a robot that can compete in these games. This year's game was Aerial Assist, where you need to design a robot that can shoot a huge exercise ball into goalposts like seven feet high, catch the ball, knock other robots over, and try not to get knocked over.

As usual, the ritzy private school won >:c 15/16 times wow gg

And yesterday was this Chinese dictionary competition thing where half of our state competes in different categories such as reading comprehension, pinyin (phonetic spelling), speech contests, penmanship, calligraphy, etc etc. I entered in Chinese dictionary (like I have for the past like six years elellelelel) and let me just tell you right now that I have never ever gotten first place before, because I always come in second or third to some crazy robot guy (probably designed by the private school) who's like SCRIBBLY SCRIBBLY FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER YEAAAAAH I'M DONE but graduated last year so yay this year I was a fast chopsticks ninja who finished in 25 and got first place.

After so many years of hard work, what did I get? A trophy, you say?


But that's not all, I also got free tape!

Wound around the top of my trophy!

Because it was broken!

Snapped in half!

They thought I wouldn't notice!

Wow, overusage of exclamation marks!

Yeah. Sigh but that's okay at least I'm done with all this for the rest of high school ggggggggggg

Thanks to Kri for getting me a $1 Romeo and Juliet novel so I don't have to lug around my heavy 5 pound textbook you're great

And thanks to van for being my long longs accomplice (because come on, why can you say short shorts but not say long longs? And aren't shorts supposed to be short anyway because they're called shorts? It's like saying I'm wearing, I don't know, shoe shoe, kind of how you say "noodle noodle" or "meat meat" or like "blanket blanket" to little kids in Mandarin.

"She wears short shorts I wear t-shirts" turns into "She wears short shorts I wear long longs"
But dude if she wears t-shirts does that mean Taylor Swift doesn't wear shorts
Or pants
Or long longs
Wow only t-shirts okay)
^epic-ly long parentheses!

And happy early birthday to Kri!
And happy belated birthday to my other friend who doesn't really read this blog anyway!

=eRI peace I'm out whoops hit the equal sign

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Supah dupah coo

Hey guys again lelelellel wow

Van and I made a few neat changes to the blog :D

2) When you press a link/page, the blog page will fade out/fade in. Supah dupah coo
3) "Recent comments" widget on the sidebar to the right!! Click on the user's name to go to the comment on the post.
4) "Popular posts" widget on the sidebar to le right (to the right to the right to the right....) Click on the post name to, well, go to it.
5) Buttons on the right hand side that scroll all the way up/down; helpful for if you want to scroll to the bottom and look at, idk, the search box for your dreams or something (which is at the very bottom, by the way. I have no clue when I put that there LOL)
6) Lel just for admins: cool admin bar on the top :D #imlazy
7) Admin comments are highlighted :D
8) Navbar on the top is hidden unless you hover the mouse over it. Yay
9) Removed that "subscribe to Atom" thing

Supah dupah coo

We can add a forum on the blog in the future, if the need arises. Yuss

Ken Jennings plays on Jeopardy tonight. Supah dupah excited!!!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Or did van pose as eri posing as van posing as eri --- or did eri pose as van posing as eri posing as van? The van or not the van, that is the question.

Sup sup yo

This is going to be a relatively short blog post, but I just wanted to kick it off with a BIG BIG THANKS TO VAN, OUR AWESOME BANNER DESIGNER YEEEAAAAWWWWWAAAHHHHHH (cue the Waluigi sounds). Check it out above! :D Not too sure if it's the final one yet but YAYAYAAY IT LOOKS GR9204958

And next, April FOoOOollololol's to those who thought van wrote the post

Jk she really did

Or did she

Did eri pose as van?
Or did van pose as eri posing as van?
Or did eri pose as van posing as eri?
Or did van pose as eri posing as van posing as eri --- 
Or did eri pose as van posing as eri posing as van?
The van or not the van, that is the question.


In all news, I'd just like to say to all the guys out there who read our blog that apparently, if you sniff someone's hair (preferably our friend, Lam's), then you are a man. c:

Seriously that smile is too cute I likey

van don't be such an I likey discriminator

-eRI epic signature right here ya'know
wow I've been pretty active lately
expect a long period of silence from me soon heh because I always end up running out of ideas to write about

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


fail april fools leelel

I tried

Just noticed that it says "eri" posted the previous blog post so

Fail attempt at trolling

wassup van

And for some reason I have 10 subscribers on youtube even though I don't have any interesting videos other than those for school

gg mr8s


back again

Hey guys HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S! I'm finally back on blogger, fresh mr8s

HEYYYYYY PLUNDERRRRRRR how ya doin'? Glad to see you back on Inceptum population was 3 went up to 4 and went up to 5 because of Kri and went back down to 4 again because someone's internet was trolling. c: nub jk we love you

But seriously thanks for all of the page refreshes from Garmanaaaayyyyy

We finally went back to the library today and my books are approximately two months overdue. Whoops. But you can't blame me because our English teacher never booked us a library visit until today... So at least I dodged the $15 fine that three books amounted to.

I also finally get to read new books, so I started on OF MICE AND MEN BY JOHN STEINBECK WHICH IS ACTUALLY PRETTY GOOD. And my prediction is that it has to do with mice and men because this character in the book named Lennie (big, chunky, burly, I look like I wanna punch your face in kind of guy but is really dumb and nice) likes stroking dead mice or something (seriously, am I not right, for those of you that read this?)

By the by, one of my friends shared a link to a ridiculously farfetched story about a week okay. Does anyone here like cats? I love cats if they try not to scratch me, unlike this cat right here, apparently:

If you look at the headline in the link I'm betting you're going "wtf I cant comprestand lel did ABC make a typo or something" but no a cat seriously and honestly held an Oregon family hostage, which I find hilarious. One of the family members said something along the lines of "YOU DON'T KNOW HOW SCARY IT IS UNTIL YOU ARE PUT THROUGH IT" so until the day a cat attacks me and traps me in my bedroom I'm still going to say this is very funny. Sorry

Oh yay I was invited to a collab studio thing with a bunch of awesome sauce wrappers on YouTube called like weAni69 or something and the person who sent the invite used the phrase "lel", which has recently become something that I say without even thinking about it.

"Hey how did you think of the movie"
"Lel it was okay"
"Yo mr8 lets go try not to set the kitchen on fire tmw at *name a friend's*"
"Lel ssureeeeee"
"Yo why do you keep saying lel"
"Lelelelelelelellll idk"

SO thanks to Eri I was able to read about what lel means, and this is very enlightening:

" Unlike what many people think lel is not an acronym in the same fashion that LOL is (it does not mean laughing extremely loud, laughing extra loud or similar). Lel (and variations including lal) resulted from the use of random vowels substituted in place of the 'o' in LOL. These vowels were used in an attempt to be different from the millions of internet game fags. The word however, in essence, still means LOL.
guy1: generic xyz funny comment
guy2: lel
gu2: *explodes* "
-funward, May 28, 2008

And it's used like this:

" Rowan: Hey, Douglas, Jack got run over today.
Douglas: lel
Rowan: Omg, Douglas, he's in a serious condition! He could die!
Douglas: lel "
-Tavv, November 06, 2013

And then you have the science-y people.

" Low Explosive Limit. Explosive Limits The range of concentrations (% by volume in air) of a flammable gas or vapor that can result in an explosion from ignition in a confined space. Usually given as Upper and Lower Explosive Limits (see UEL and LEL).
The LEL meter was downstream of the methanol tank. "
Lynn Duffield, January 25, 2005

Even her name is formal

" another form of Laughing out loud, but with more stress and slang on each word. Like "lefing ewt lewds"
Q: How do you find Ronald McDonald in a nudist colony?
A: Look for sesame seed buns. LELS! "
-RJ PinoyJkr, May 31, 2013

" Lol in a German accent, or fastforwarded. Try recording yourself saying Lol, then fastforward it, and it will sound like lel. It is also used when saying random gibberish.`
Danda74: DUDLE
Danda74: LEL "
Danda74, January 13, 2005

^ So basically
Imagine plunder
In a mustache


-fresh mr8 van